On the Issues

Our profit-driven healthcare industry leaves millions uninsured. We are the wealthiest industrialized nation in the world that does not guarantee Universal Healthcare. Over 70% of people across this nation support Medicare for All, a single-payer healthcare system that will guarantee no one is left uninsured. It will provide preventative care from birth and save lives. A single-payer system puts healthcare in the hands of patient and doctor, taking the profit-driven health insurance companies out of the decision-making process. I support a Medicare for All Bill that will guarantee healthcare as a human right, prioritize health over the profits of the eliminate the insurance industry from the delivery from healthcare and health system monopolies.

We also must increase opportunities in the healthcare industry, to ensure that patients’ healthcare needs are met. This requires increasing our investment in STEM education and encouraging the pursuit of healthcare sciences, to improve access to healthcare services in rural areas.  We also must eliminate harmful state certificate-of-need laws which restrict competition, increase market share concentration, limit access to care, and raise the cost of care. I will pursue these actions so that healthcare is available when patients need it.